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Diethelm Keller Aviation Products

Airline Carts

The DKA product portfolio includes a complete range of aircraft in-4flight full and half size meal, waste, bar/drink, transparent sales carts made to ATLAS, KSSU standards and customised designs.

Our latest lightweight carts are well received in the industry. A full size meal cart can be lighter than 20.0kg while a half size cart weighs below 12.0kg.

To cater to individual customer's needs & preferences, we provide various options such as:
• Pullout working tables
• Dry ice trays
• Chiller vents
• Extension flip handles
• Detachable working tables
• Flip tables
• Plastic pedals


Standard Units / Ice Container

Equipped with our patented indestructible slam lock, our ATLAS, KSSU and customised aluminium standard units (also called standard containers) are the most durable in the industry. The doors of the standard units are made from structured aluminium alloy and we provide a life-time warranty for the locking system.

• Pressed or deep drawn runners
• Twist locks
• Insulated ice containers using slam type mechanism

Oven Racks / Oven Trays

Using high grade aluminium alloy AA6061-T6, our oven racks / inserts and trays / skids do not have riveted runners. The trays come with special anti-slip features ensuring that they do not slide out when the racks are tilted. The runners are formed as an integral part of the rack's body and
have been proven to be the strongest in the market place.

The racks are designed to withstand at least 500lbs/ 226kg without deflection.

Foldable Trolleys

arious foldable trolley designs, customised to suit all types of on-board service are available. These trolleys are most commonly used in first and business class service. Available with 2 or 3 shelves and with or without extensions.


Aluminium drawers made to ATLAS and KSSU standards are available. Polypropylene (PP) transparent ATLAS drawers are also available now. Customers can select the colour for the PP drawers.

Baby Bassinets

2 or 3 pin baby bassinets in fabric or pseudo leather are available. Customers can select their preferred colours from our wide selection.

Mercury Award Winner

DKA’s patented, life-time warranty slam lock for the galley carts and standard units received an award from IFCA (International Inflight Food Catering Association) and IFSA (International Inflight Food Service Association).
СThe lock, manufactured using stainless steel precision casting, is virtually indestructible. A variety od handle types are available:

Approvals & Certifications

We hold the following manufacturing/design and quality system approvals:

Civil Aviation Authorities:

  • “Certificate of approval” (AWI/36) granted by Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)
    for aircraft cabin parts and equipment, and aircraft cargo containers.
  • “Air Navigation Order Approval” (DAI/9826/02) granted by Civil Aviation Authority, United Kingdom
    for galley service trolleys and cargo containers.

Aircraft manufactures:

  • “Quality System Approval” (6-5900-LLY-027) issued by the Boeing Company.
  • “Quality System Approval” (286/2002) issued by Airbus.


  • “ISO9001:2000 & Aerospace Standard AS9100:2001” granted by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

We have extensive experience in BFE (Buyer Furnished Equipment) and SPE (Supplier Procured Equipment)
programs with the Boeing Company and Airbus, where we undertake ЕС (Type Certificate) activities. Most of our
IFE are also certified through FAA STC (Supplementary Type Srtificate).