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Cargo nets and containments


Main Deck Barrier Net

9G Barrier Net

As prime supplier to the major aircraft manufacturers, we deliver a range of main deck 9g restraint solutions, from initial concept through to finished product.
AmSafe 9G barrier nets are used in a variety of new-build and passenger-to-freighter conversions.
The purpose of the main deck barrier net is to prevent the cargo penetrating into the aircrew area. The risk of this exists in conditions of extreme deceleration during crash landings, which can pull the loads away from their locking devices, and move them in the direction of the cockpit.
Typically a barrier net is designed to safely accommodate the force exerted by the aircraft's maximum cargo payload under conditions of 9G forward movement, while distending by a pre-determined minimal amount. This involves an intricate design of high-strength multi-ply textile members, configured to distribute the load into the airframe.

Bellyhold Nets

Resulting from 40 years' unparalleled experience, and unique design capabilities, AmSafe is first-tier supplier to many major aircraft builders.

A320 Bellyhold Door Net

A320 Bellyhold Divider Net

We are original equipment manufacturer of baggage and bulk cargo hold nets for:
• All Airbus aircraft (A300, A310, A320, A330, A340 & A380)
• Boeing 7-series & MD aircraft
• Bombardier CRJ700/900
• Embraer 170/190 family
• BAE146/RJ aircraft
• Saab 340 & 2000 aircraft

Other products are continually under development, as AmSafe further develops its complete mixed-fleet support capability.

Cool-chain Management

AcuTemp RKN

Thermal Cover

AmSafe together with AcuTemp® has developed the premier cool-chain management solution to meet demanding needs. Our industry-leading Unattended Temperature Management (UTM©) solution is achieved using AcuTemp's ThermoCor® High Performance Insulation. Better insulation requires less battery use, resulting in longer, more reliable temperature management. Minimum operating procedures mean faster loading and handling times for reduced cost of operation while ensuring cool-chain integrity and accountability. Two operating modes are easy to use and provide trusted, continuous data-logging of temperature and unit access. AmSafe's flexible cool-chain solutions enable pharmaceutical manufacturers and producers of high-value perishable products who currently compete regionally to expand sales of their temperature-sensitive products worldwide.

Flexible Cargo Liners

Flexible Cargo Liner
• Manufactured from coated fibreglass
• Meet Boeing and Airbus material specs & relevant FAA/EASA requirements
• Resist flame & heat penetration
• High durability, strength and tear-resistance
• Remain flexible in all atmospheric conditions
• Attachment methods may be tailored to application
• Fully specification-design-production service
• Repairable by AmSafe-approved facilities

Inflatable Survival Equipment

Inflatable Slides
ISE Support is all about Capability, Cost, Speed and Service

Rarely does an Inflatable Survival Equipment MRO provider have all of the essential success factors required to support a major airline or MRO. AmSafe has the whole package:

Most comprehensive ISE equipment overhaul capability in the industry includes all Airbus, Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed, numerous regional and GA aircraft.

• Full fleet slide overhaul capability – all Air Cruiser and Goodrich escape slides and slide/raft assemblies
• Life raft and life vest OH capability for all OEMs
• All FAA/EASA and DOT approvals in place
• Hydrostatic test, valve OH and re-filling service for cylinders OEM and PMA components available
• Industry leading OH turnaround times, typically less than 10 days
• Industry's most experienced technicians with over 300 combined years of ISE overhaul and OEM manufacturing experience
• Lowest overall cost provider, second to none
• Our One Price Guarantee includes all typical OH requirements. No scope creep, no games and best of all…no surprises!

Pallet Nets

Pallets Nets

Classic Net

As the leading global provider of engineered air cargo restraint solutions, safety and restraint engineering is our established field of expertise. This expertise is the reason over 80 per cent of the world's global airlines choose AmSafe for their cargo restraint solutions. Our comprehensive range of pallet nets are recognised worldwide as being the safest and most cost-effective restraint solutions in the industry.
Our knotless nets exemplify AmSafe's commitment to innovation. This is a design that both maximises the strength-to-weight ratio, and ensures that our nets can easily be repaired. When coupled with our proprietary anti-abrasive process, which extends the net life, the knotless construction also reduces snagging, which enables faster build-up times for loads compared to other nets. To complement our palletised and bulk cargo nets and to provide additional restraint to heavy items of engineering equipment, a wide selection of tie-down strap assemblies and hardware is available.

Smoke Curtains

Smoke Curtain
Often a requirement for freighter aircraft is the use of a fabric smoke containment curtain. AmSafe curtains are in use worldwide and a range of materials is available, to provide varying levels of fire containment.
Similarly these materials may be fabricated into protection covers for a variety of uses throughout the airframe.

Tie Down Straps

Tie Down Straps

Tie Down Straps

The Tiger Tiedown - the world's first CAA certified tiedown strap
The world's first 5000lb tiedown to be certified to ISO16049-1, the Tiger Tiedown is available in all popular airline configurations and can be supplied in a range of colours and lengths with airline identification permanently marked on the webbing if required. The Tiger Tiedown also meets the requirements of the new IATA standard specification 60/2 which requires a maximum 10% elongation and no slippage in the buckle.

Miscellaneous Products

Seat Bags

Container Door

Cargo Stoppers
The Cargo stopper is designed in accordance with international Standards ISO16049-2 and SAE ARP5595 as a device to help operators overcome the difficulty present with effectively restraining long items with a narrow cross section. This device is designed to be used in conjunction with eight 5000lb ISO 16049-1 / AS5385 compliant tie-downs.

Container Door Covers
Working on the same principle as the original QuickZip™ pallet net, which was launched two years ago and is already being used by Cathay Pacific and FedEx amongst others, the QuickZip™ net for container doors offers many of the benefits of the original design, and a number of additional advantages.

Seat Bags
We have also developed a bag, which fits over a double or triple seat, for the carriage of bulk cargo such as mail or newspapers, and this is offered to those operators who need to utilise capacity in a passenger aircraft as they enable Quick Change in Aircraft use.

Wheel Restraints
The wheel restraint harness is a simple assembly designed to fit a range of wheel sizes.