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Solutions Service Summary


Wireline Transmission Solutions


Wireline Transmission Solutions


Turnkey and end-to-end solutions and services in

  • Managed Transport systems for Ethernet
  • Multi-service Router Systems
  • Managed Access systems for integrated voice and data services
  • Managed Edge systems
  • Optical networking and services layer technologies
  • Echo cancellation and voice-quality enhancement (VQE) solutions
Wireline Customer Access Solutions

Wireline Customer Access Solutions


Turnkey and end-to-end solutions and services in

  • Multi-protocol, Customer Access Gateways
  • ADSL
  • Leased Line and fibre optic customer premises equipment
  • Copper and fibre optic access network installations.
Network Synchronisation Solutions

Network Synchronisation Solutions


Solutions and services in Synchronisation Networks for

  • Wireline and Wireless networks
  • IP-based and NGN network elements.
Wireless Customer Access Solutions

Wireless Customer Access Solutions


Fixed wireless access and WiMAX based access solutions and services

  • High speed Internet and voice services in rural and urban areas
  • Broadband anytime, anywhere on a variety of end-user devices
Radio Transmission Solutions

Radio Transmission Solutions


Core, backbone and access (transport?) solutions

  • Microwave transmission solutions and services
  • WiMAX transmission solutions
  • Tetra transmission networks for specialized radio communications for public safety for Oil and Gas industries
Satellite Services

Satellite Services


Turnkey and comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to operators, government, commerce and industry in

  • Fixed and mobile broadband VSAT based solutions
  • Broadcast extension solutions and services
Network Power Solution

Network Power Solutions


Network power and power optimisation solutions in

  • Base stations
  • Main switching centres
  • Data centres and
  • Industrial applications


Managed Applications

Managed Applications

Network quality assurance solutions and diverse integrated applications that include;

  • Integrated passive monitoring and network assurance services
  • Revenue maximisation and network optimisation solutions
  • Solutions to help diversify operator services offerings
  • Regulatory or mandated solutions, such as Lawful Interception and Number Portability
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and Active Testing solutions
  • Device Management
  • VOIP, Soft switching platforms
  • IP Centrex Services
Special Projects

Special Projects


Specialised and customised, end-to-end telecommunications solutions including

  • Mission Critical networks
  • Large, special to purpose, multi-technology, integrated solutions
Professional Services



Professional Services


Saab Grintek Technologies offers a complete range of services in the telecommunications arena. The company offers services to deploy turnkey infrastructure, whether on a Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis or as a fully outsourced or managed service.

The company’s services include:

  • Consulting
  • Concept proposals
  • Network design
  • Planning
  • Engineering,
  • Implementation and rollout
  • Optimisation
  • Maintenance and support
Training Services

Training Services


The training facilities at Saab Grintek Technologies have traditionally offered training in many of its partnering OEMs solutions for several years now. The OEM solution training portfolio is constantly growing. In recent years, a comprehensive array of internationally accredited, generic courses in telecommunications has been added to the portfolio.


The Value Proposition behind our solutions

  • Influence capex reduction or expenditure delay
  • Reduce opex
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Simplify manageability
  • Facilitate quick delivery of new services – reduce lead-time to market
  • Facilitate generation of revenue
  • Improve and or simplify network management
  • Improve reporting to enable better network operations and strategic planning
  • Improve pro-activeness in using the network
  • Improve efficiency of the network and or service delivery
  • Enable compliance
  • Improve Quality of service
  • Provide turnkey network rollout capability  “One stop shop”